E procurement

Inventories & inspections

We have 4 types of property inspection apps:
  • Site inspector
  • Property inspector
  • Quick inventory
  • Fire risk assessor

  • Site inspector

    A freestyle mobile App, set up your inspection questions and route actions as appropriate to the - site inspector - customer support - property manager We suggest you zone the site to enable short daily 20 minute site inspections.
  • Property inspector

    This our an interim health & safety inspection of communal areas, entrance by entrance and including plant rooms, gyms, site staff areas etc… Enables pre-visit e-notifications to residents and connects to procurement to check off works done.
  • Quick inventory

    Our Quick-Inventory mobile friendly App comprises: - check in - check out, and - interim inspections Suitable for apartments and houses, fully flexible with unlimited photo uploads.
  • Fire risk assessor (FRA)

    This mobile risk assessment App caters for residential and commercial property covering both fire and general risks. Action lists can be imported into our FRA Actions tracker to audit trail completion of all items.
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Planetrent puts agents and landlords in control of offers, deals, compliance, e-signing contracts. It also stores marketing assets, feeds the major portals and has advanced reporting.

place to store your marketing assets Marketing, Offers > referencing >deals, and fund management level reporting for the ‘build to rent’ and ‘PRS’ private rented sectors.
Planetrent puts the landlord/developer in control of his chosen agents or in-house team with easy to use dashboards and e-notifications.

The App enables on-the-go credit and debit card payment options (using Stripe) for:
  • Deposits
  • Administration feed
  • Month 1 rent & Apportioned rent
API connectivity sends properties TO LET to 3rd party marketing portals.

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Property inventory 2

Prop Safe

PropSafe is our transactional accounting system for rent, ground rent, service charge and facilities management. It also tracks the progress on year end accounts and builds balance sheet accounts.

ProfSafe includes:

  • API’s to read bank transactions in.
  • Allocations & ability to memorise relationships.
  • A DD calculator, letters & collection files,easy bank rec tools.
  • Ledgers & auto rents, edit/credit/debit/transfer.
  • Budgets, balancing charges & s20B Notices.
  • Demands, statements & automated arrears escalation.
  • Risk & year end reports.
  • Tools to build accruals based balance sheet accounts.
  • Year end accounts trackers & balance sheet analysis tools.

Prop safe


No more lost or double paid invoices, on screen authorization, contractor management & BACS files. Optional modules for utilities, plant & equipment contract monitoring.

Our e-procurement includes:

  • User limits for Orders.
  • On-screen invoice authorization & security controls.
  • Coding/re-coding invoices at 3 stages :
    - Order
    - Authorization
    - Payment
  • Contractor set up.
  • Contractor critical docs management.
  • BACS file generation & batch reconciliation tools.
  • Risk & year end reports.
  • Year end accounts trackers & balance sheet analysis tools.
  • Plant & maintenance contracts tracking.
Hr gems

HR Gems

Save hours with CV App.

Create high performing teams with our simple 1:2:1 model

CV app

CV app is our smart e-recruit process put the URL in your job ads and watch applicants upload their CV’s.

Process CV’s through:
  • Initial vetting
  • Telephone interviews
  • 1st & 2nd interview
  • Log job offers
  • 1 touch button to reject applicants, call to interview or keep on file

People management 1:2:1’s

Reward your people with a simple structured 1:2:1, set up prompts, add weblinks to reports/data, actions save instantly as you type.

Our 2 stage authorization process enables users to ‘complete’ their items and Managers to ‘accept’ items which move them to the ‘achievements’ section.

Each new 1:2:1 clones outstanding items (noting how long they have been outstanding), and, leaves achievements behind in the week they were achieved.

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Web portal

Web portals

Our web portals are add-ons to PropSafe which is our transactional property accounting system:

A Site Staff & Tenant/Resident App enabling residents to:
  • Book
  • Buy/Rent
  • Message
  • Pay for on-site facilities
  • View their rent account